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Gianluca Selvaggio

G. Selvaggio Post-doctoral fellow (since July 2017)
Gianluca is working in the frame of the project CANCEL STEM, which gathers 18 research teams from 3 top Portuguese institutes (i3s - Porto, CNC.IBILI - Coimbra and IGC - Oeiras). This consortium aims to identify the molecular, cellular and extracellular tumour events that contribute to the acquisition of Cancer Stem Cells properties within a neoplastic tissue.

Gianluca aims at defining a multi-scale model to uncover mechanisms that could explain observed links between Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition and its reverse process (EMT/MET) and acquisition of stemness features. More precisely, he is building on a qualitative, logical model of the molecular pathways involved in EMT/MET, and extending this network to include major stemness markers. Systematic analyses and validation against public data will be performed to validate this model, which will then be integrated in a multi-cellular context to account for the role of the tumour cell micro-environment. The model will be further refined using data produced by our i3S partners who will also validate a selection of in silico prediction on targets affecting EMT/MET and/or stemness features.