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Tiago Pedreira

T. Pedreira Research technician (since September 2016)

Research project:

Tiago is working on the project Deciphering the mechanisms of transcriptional regulation that control antifungal drug resistance in the pathogenic yeast Candida glabrata: aiming the development of improved diagnosis and therapeutic approaches (PTDC/BBB-BIO/4004/2014). His main task is to uncover a plausible regulatory network controlling Multiple Drug Resistance (MDR) in C. glabrata and, through topological and dynamical analyses, to predict the transcription factors (TFs) underlying the transcriptional changes observed upon exposure to, or acquired resistance to, antifungal drugs. This regulatory map for C. glabrata will be retrieved from the annotated regulatory associations in newly created PathoYeastract database. Cytoscape will be used to build and analyse this comprehensive network, which will then be trimmed to its core regulatory modules and subject to a simple Boolean modelling approach to assess the underlying dynamics. This dynamical model will be built and analysed using GINsim. The model should provide a better understanding of key events involved in MDR and guide subsequent experimental work performed by project partners.