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Adrien Fauré

A. Fauré Post doctoral fellow
Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência
Project MALIN (PTDC/ EIACCO/099229/2008)

Research interests:

Drosophila eggshells display two dorsal, elongated tubes that are thought to be respiratory appendages. These chorionic structures are formed by two populations of dorsoanterior follicle cells during stages 10b-14 of oogenesis. Patterning of the dorsal appendage-forming regions occurs around stages 9-10, under the control of two major signalling pathways: the Gurken/EGFR signal sent by the oocyte, and the Decapentaplegic signal sent by stretch and centripetal follicle cells. In collaboration with Élio Sucena and Barbara Vreede from the Evolution and Development group, I'm using the logical formalism to build a model of the regulatory network responsible for integrating these two signals to specify the subpopulations of follicle cells that will form the dorsal appendages.

My publications:

A. Fauré, A. Naldi, F. Lopez, C. Chaouiya, A. Ciliberto, D. Thieffry, Modular logical modelling of the budding yeast cell cycle, Molecular BioSystems, 5:1787-96, 2009 DOI

A. Fauré, D. Thieffry, Logical modelling of cell cycle control in eukaryotes : a comparative study., Molecular Biosystems 5:1569 - 1581., 2009 DOI

A. Naldi, D. Berenguier, A. Fauré, F. Lopez, D. Thieffry, C. Chaouiya , Logical modelling of regulatory networks with GINsim 2.3, Biosystems, 97(2):134-9, 2009 DOI

A.Fauré, A.Naldi, C.Chaouiya, D.Thieffy , Dynamical analysis of a generic Boolean model for the control of the mammalian cell cycle, Bioinformatics, ISMB'06 Special Issue, 22(14):124-131, 2006 DOI