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Group members

C. Chaouiya P. T. Monteiro A.C. Morais R. Pais P. Varela T. Pedreira D. Baptista J. Comas
Claudine Chaouiya Pedro T. Monteiro Ana Morais Ricardo Pais Pedro Varela Tiago Pedreira Delora Baptista Jorge Comas

Network modelling group 2016 Network modelling group 2017

Past members

J. Cury José Cury, visitor, April 2015 -March 2016 JC Mombach José C. Mombach, visitor, January 2013 -December 2014
C. V. Ramos Camila V. Ramos, Master student and research technician, September 2015 -December 2016 P. Varela Pedro Varela, Master fellow, January 2013-July 2013
N. D. Mendes Nuno D. Mendes, Post-doctoral fellow, July 2011-June 2013 J. Alexander John Alexander, trainee, April 2011 - November 2011
A. Fauré Adrien Fauré, Post-doctoral fellow, April 2010 - March 2011. B. OliveraBeatriz C Luna Olivera, Post-doctoral fellow, August-December, 2010.
E. FanchonElsa Fanchon, trainee, January-February 2010.