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Claudine Chaouiya

C. Chaouiya Group leader, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência IGC

Assistant Professor at the Aix-Marseille University (AMU), Marseille FRANCE (currently in secondment)

Latest publications

W. Abou-Jaoudé, P. Traynard, P.T. Monteiro, J. Saez Rodriguez, T. Helikar, D. Thieffry, C. Chaouiya , Logical modeling and dynamical analysis of cellular networks, Frontiers in Genetics, 7:00094, 2016 DOI

L. Sánchez, C. Chaouiya, Primary sex determination of placental mammals: a modelling study uncovers dynamical developmental constraints in the formation of Sertoli and granulosa cells, BMC Systems Biology, 10:37, 2016 DOI

E Remy, S Rebouissou, C Chaouiya, A Zinovyev, F Radvanyi, L Calzone, A modelling approach to explain mutually exclusive and co-occurring genetic alterations in bladder tumorigenesis, Cancer Res. 75(19):4042-52, 2015 DOI

Aurélien Naldi, Pedro T. Monteiro, Christoph Müssel, the Consortium for Logical Models and Tools, Hans A. Kestler, Denis Thieffry, Ioannis Xenarios, Julio Saez-Rodriguez, Tomas Helikar, and Claudine Chaouiya, Cooperative development of logical modelling standards and tools with CoLoMoTo, Bioinformatics 31 (7): 1154-9., 2015 DOI

Abou-Jaoudé W. Monteiro P.T., Naldi A. Grandclaudon M. Soumelis V. Chaouiya C. Thieffry D., Model checking to assess T-helper cell plasticity, Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 2:00086., 2015 DOI

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