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Claudine Chaouiya

C. Chaouiya Group leader, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência IGC

Assistant Professor at the Aix-Marseille University (AMU), Marseille FRANCE (currently in secondment)

Latest publications

L. Sánchez, C. Chaouiya, Logical modelling uncovers developmental constraints for primary sex determination of chicken gonads, Journal of The Royal Society Interface, 15(142) , 2018 DOI

P.L. Varela, I. Lynce, V. Manquinho, C. Chaouiya, P.T. Monteiro, Stable States of Boolean Regulatory Networks Composed Over Hexagonal Grids, Proc. 7th Int. Workshop on Static Analysis and Systems Biology (SASB 2016), ENTCS, 335: 113–130, 2018 DOI

A. Naldi, C. Hernandez, N. Levy, G. Stoll, P.T. Monteiro, C. Chaouiya, T. Helikar, A. Zinovyev, L. Calzone, S. Cohen-Boulakia, D. Thieffry, L. Paulev&eactue;, The CoLoMoTo Interactive Notebook: Accessible and Reproducible Computational Analyses for Qualitative Biological Networks bioRxiv 290411, 2018

A. Naldi, CC. Hernandez, W. Abou-Jaoudé, P.T. Monteiro, C. Chaouiya, D. Thieffry, Logical modelling and analysis of cellular regulatory networks with GINsim 3.0 bioRxiv 289298, 2018

Elisa Tonello, Etienne Farcot, Claudine Chaouiya, Local negative circuits and cyclic attractors in Boolean networks with at most five components arXiv:1803.02095, 2018

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